This dude right here (MATEO), I am telling you, hands down, he is the BEST MALE VOCALIST around. He's still flying under the radar, but I can not wait for him to step into the limelight. Basically I love everything he does. 'Get To Know Me' was the first song I heard from him on, when I first got introduced to him on CL, but I think 'Doubt' is one of the BEST SONGS EVER!!

Beyonce ft. The Roots @JimmyFallon

So, anyone who knows me, knows that I think very highly of the one and only Beyoncé (to say the least). And in contrary to common belief, it's not because she's so freaking hot. I love this woman because of her talent. Her ability to perform. I dare say that she is the best entertainer/performer of this generation. I'm talking about someone who dances her behind off all night long, while still giving me live, on-point intricate vocals..

Now, this next video doesn't even make the top 50 of her best performances ever, but it's the fact that just 2 weeks ago this chick had to stop the taping of a TV special, after losing her voice over lack of rest. And hours before this performance was taped, she did 2 songs on The View and an interview. And still she's giving you this. True fans (one might say the STANS) will notice 2 point that indicate her voice not being 100% and others that pay attention might hear that she's still soar. But STILL!!!!

Check it out for yourself after the jump ( and yes the musical arrangement sometimes sucks, but that's The Roots. They played with her instead of her own all-female band)


Cover Wars: the JUICY edition

So I've been waiting forever for this months issue of W magazine, which was reported to have 3 different covers with my girl B. I was going back n forth, trying to decide which cover I would buy (aka convincing myself that it would be absolutely insane to by all 3), only to get to the store and find a naked Christina Aguilera gracing the cover. She is naked and it wasn't even HOT!! Like, what's the point. It was not that artsy, get over it!. So I open it, to see if it really was the issue I was looking for, and as it turns out they now only had 2 covers, one with B, which of course they don't seem to have anywhere in Amsterdam or Rotterdam (#lovelivin'inHolland #NOT), and one with a very pale looking X-tina (what has she been up to lately anyways, except for that amazing track with Maroon 5). So I'm like, aaight, do y'all thing!

But then I turn around and find out that another one of my imaginary girlfriends is being played. You can come out now Ashton, it's not funny anymore. First of all I am AGAINST this August/September cover of VIBE's Juice issue, because I think Kelly is better than that. Sex doesn't sell anymore (we have youporn, hello??), the idea of sex does the trick. And Kelly being naked just motivates me to move #ontothenext (and baby that wig is not cute yo. Just rock your short hair or get some new human hair Brazilian lace front or sum'.. Holla@B). But then they turned around and made it a double cover too. Guess who bumped Kelly like this....


HOT NEW JOINT by Breezy!

There was a time when I was in love with Ne-Yo... Wait, that sounded wrong.. I mean, I was in love with his work.. No, I mean.. aah fck it! What I'm trying to say is that I was his biggest fan. Like, everything that dude penned down was just raw emotion. The things you felt, but couldn't put into words yourself, let alone face or deal with. So Sick, Let Me Love You, Do You, Go On Girl and even Unfaithful (for reasons I shall not get into). But he just lost me from the first time I heard Beautiful Monster. Like, what happened Ne-Yo? What were you thinking? Not to mention the (imo) dreadful video that came with it. I need Ne-Yo to jump off this euro-dance-pop-sound everyone from GaGa tot Breezy is on, cuz it's not working for him.

Breezy, however has still managed to give me some R&B. I mean, this boy don't play around. Right now Chris is my favourite songwriter most def. Listen to this next song and you'll know why.. I mean, it's no Grammy winning song or anything, but still, it makes you think.


Caution: SERIOUS CURVES ahead


And the nominees are... #vma2011

YEEEESSSS! It's about that time, #awardshowseason is starting again.. Well it's up for discussion when it starts, but I consider the VMA's (my personal favourite, even though lately they have been disappointing me more and more) to be the start. Last week they announced the nominees and to my surprise GaGa is not leading the nominees like she has for the past 2 years. Does this mean that we have reached the edge of GaGa's glory??


M.O.S.: CASSIE Ventura

My moment of silence for this week goes to Cassie who redefines CALIENTE in a shoot by Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold for BLANK magazine.

more after the jump



This right here is why I love fashion, because fashion allows you to be your crazy, eccentric, extravagant self; no questions asked.
IT'S TRUE!! I mean, do you think you could pull this look off in a we-so-gangsta-in-our-Nickelson-coats-and-Jordan's-and-u-so-gay-in-your-slim-fit-red-jeans-minded city like Rotterdam? Not in a million years. But in fashion people die for this ish.. Or they would anyways. Now, I've always been known to stand out fashion wise, cuz I simply don't give a d*** about it.. Seriously, I'm a Superstar, I'm supposed to look different, DUHH! And this look right here... Aaah man, let's just say that I MYSELF, would die for this one. Just one oppertunity to swagg this one out to the VMA's.

*moment of silence*

Amen! I know you're wondering if this is my VMA-outfit, what I'd rock to the Grammy's.. Check it out after the jump

VERSACE for H&M = Fingerlicking good!

I know some of you can not wait for November 17th, but I've got something that might make the waiting worse.. If not for the girls, most def for the guys!



I love Amber! Why? Because Amber loves me : D. Now before, you start stalking me on FB, trying to put a face to this 'Amber', you should know that she is not an actual person. Amber is just the name for the biannual Arnhem Mode Biennale, which just took place in Arnhem, Holland, last month. I was chosen out of hundreds to be one of their online editors. The pleasure was all mine to write pieces about the incredible Juun.J. Due to their web design they couldn't post my pieces the way I created them, but I still wanted to share what I did with you..


Please Hold

So, I created this blog, like a  year ago, but due to a lot of reasons I didn't get the chance to really start blogging. Until now : D. It's just gonna be like my own personal online scrapbook of things that I like and more importantly, things that are on my mind. I'm sure you'll be amused by it. Trust me, my friends are too. Well, follow me, holla@me and enjoy!!

Love, R.