Special Christmas Delivery... courtesy of RyFa

Merry Christmas everyone. Yes, I too wish you  and your family a joyful holiday season filled with love, happiness, laughter and all things good. Of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't make it a little more personal, so Imma do it my way and give you a small selection of great Christmas performances. Sit back, relax and enjoy this CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Here it goes (normally I would say #leggoo, but for this time of the year you have to be a little decent and all that)


HOT NEW JOINT by Frank Ocean

A lot of people think that guys and girls can't be friends. Well, I disagree. In contrary. They can. BUT.... Please look at them closely. If there's some flirtin' goin' on and they both kinda hot(-ish), one of them is trynna get to second base. Or third, fourth. (lord knows, me and Nike-girl are most def in this last category. She knowzz it too). And to all the people who don't get why the guy doesn't just make a move; here's the song which explains it all..


TRUTH-B-TOLD: I was born to replace Anna Wintour

So not only am I an online published journalist/writer/editor, but I'm also being written about. But before you get to reading what it is that they actually interviewed me on, I would like to point out that I was speaking on behalf of the entire team of 15 editorial talents from the second year branding course @AMFI. Yes, we made a magazine. And guess who was the Editor-in-Chief. Uh-huh, yours truly (It's not like it was my personal vision or anything, I mean the credit goes to all 15 of us, cuz we really created it together, but I was like "responsible" and the go-to person for the teachers and I had to oversee the whole thing. But when the people you work with are amazing, there's not a lot you have to do #justsayin').



Just because sometimes I do waaaaay too much and have to remember that I AM capable, I AM doin' fine and most of all I AM DIVO!

Love, R.


TRUTH-B-TOLD (2/2): The ending the way I first wrote it

So here it is, the ending as it should have been. Oh and I'd like to say upfront that I'm not just makin' random accusations. If you don't believe me, DO YO RESEARCH!! (Or just watch Cadillac Records and Dreamgirls lol) #Leggoo

TRUTH-B-TOLD: Skinny jeans don't discriminate

I don't know if you recall, but about four weeks ago I told you about this jeans book we were making with the class (in case you are wondering; a jeans book is a book in which we present the research we did on "all" these jeans brands). Well actually half the class, because they split us up in 2 and each group had to make their own book. Our concept and errthing was amazing, but workin' in groups is always stress full (especially if you're workin' your ass off while seeing pictures pop up on FB from others who are out partying. Seriously, at least have the decency to not post ish on FB #justsayin'). Somehow I kinda had fun though. In the end I started stalkin' people and demanding ish, cuz otherwise you don't get no'in done. Anyways, this right here is the "masterpiece" I wrote for it in addition to the analysisses I did on J Brand, Replay and William Rast (of course I was the one who came up with the one jeans brand that was founded by a celeb, my man JT). The ending was different, but everyone thought it'd be better if I left that part out (how typical hahahah... I can not even get into this). So this is the politically correct version (and for everyone open minded enough to not take offense in race issues, you can read the original ending in the next post ;)).


Is it a rapper, is it a pop singer......WHO DATT?!

Just when you think you have me all figured out, I'll do something to surprise you. Kinda like now. You know how I love posting about my girl B and my homeboy Yeezy (I can't help it, they are the best of the best and I happen to be preachin' excellence. "How do YOU do?" *Resputia voice*), but this is something completely different. This post is about an ridiculously talented singer.

Image courtesy of kumz.dk


Last Friday Night...: I went to church again!

Images courtesy of JKY

So I found myself in church on a friday night again for yet another fashion event; THE DUTCH FASHION AWARDS baby!! (I really wanted to open with a different picture, cuz lord knows I don't look that amazing here, but you know, I couldn't find something I really felt, so I just went with this)Yessir, yours truly was there... as the help (#fail). I've been sooo freaking busy (seriously, school is CRA-ZY), so I am not up-to-date (the DFAs took place like two weeks ago), but I still have a lot to share with you, so starting tonight I'm gonna hit you up with something new errday. ERRRDAY! But now let's get back to bizznizz #Leggoo


me 'n M.E.: I should be a model

Image courtesy of JKY

Sometimes I look at pictures of myself, and I wonder why I haven't been signed yet to NEXT, Elite or Wilhelmina Models or Premier.. This was @the Dutch Fashion Awards (post on that will follow tomorrow), where, to be honest, I could've replaced any one of those guys. Or that one black guy. No biggie. But they were not ALL THAT and a bag of chips! #justsayin'

Love, R.


COVER WARS: Ebony and Ebony

Image courtesy of femalerappers.net

I usually have a lot of negative things to say about Nicki, but she is representing. November covers are dominated by black beauty.


WORD?!: All about the Carters

In music a lot of people are connected to one another. I thought it'd be funny to dedicate this session of WORD?! to my favourite celebrity clan. #Leggoo
Image courtesy of Lavalizzard

  1. I hear that papa Knowles is doin' a making-the-band-esque show premiering on MTV next week. What's the dealio with that? Did Diddy decline or sum'? (I'm not sure how much Matthew can do for people whose names are not Beyoncé #realtalk) I've been dying for a new season though, preferably one which reunites Danity Kane and Day26 once again, but I would've settled for a completely new band too.
  2. Speaking of bands, whaddup with the DC-girls, they are falling off hard. I don't even get this whole drama Kelly's involved in over on the X-Factor U.K., but why is she releasing so many videos after each other? PROMOTE one till we can't hear it anymore for the love of God and then move on to the next (has Rihanna taught y'all nothin'??)
  3. And why the hell is B doin' the exact same thing, like WTF? Besides the fact that I don't get that video for Countdown, how is she poppin' out all these other videos like her life is depending on it? I don't even wanna mention how she is too late with releasing that Love On Top video, which by the way was only released for Australia or sum'. She should've dropped that ish right after the VMA's, everyone was all excited and stuff about her performance and pregnancy. LOVE woulda been ON TOP of the charts for weeks.


Last Friday Night...: I went to church

Images courtesy of YKJ

So, believe it or not, but even in the breaks from school I find myself busy as hell. Don't ask me what I'm doing though, seriously I couldn't tell you. But last Friday night, I went to church.


ME& M.E.: XOXO... R.

Image courtesy of Bainenglish

So y'all know how I always sign my shit off with 'Love, R.', right? WELL, remember this book I told you we were making with the whole class? I wrote an article for it and I of course used my signature at the bottom, but they removed it. I understand (even though a part of my Ego doesn't completely agree), but it's all good. HOWEVER, these girls were like mocking me in a funny way by ending their FB-posts with my signature and replace the R with their own initial. They cracked me up. But then they accused me of copying Gossip Girl. Excuse you?? I know, crazy right! Like of all things, I would copy Gossip Girl?! (I guess the "inspired"-theme is still going strong hahaha) Anyways, so my Ego was a little crushed, until someone finally clarified that Gossip Girl doesn't say that, but that the characters in it always use their initial as well. I had to check the cast list and to my great disappointment I found out that one of the character's name starts with an R as well; Rufus.. Ughh...


TRUTH-B-TOLD: Everyone gets "inspired"

So the theme for this week is "inspired", as you might have figured out already, and it's really ironic that all of these "inspired" issues are coming up this week. Personally I don't think that these are things you should joke about. Last year a couple of teachers had THE NERVE to accuse me of committing plagiarism. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDIN' ME?? Hello, if there's one thing I love to do it is writing. I would never use someone else's work and put my own name on it, man get the f* outta here!

The issue was that I didn't not write my source list in Harvard Style. That ain't my fault. I had never even heard of that, my bad. It was your job as my teacher to tell me that I was expected to do so. Like I should not use certain words or sentences, just because in your eyes I would not be capable of coming up with it myself. How insulting?! I didn't really care about that part though, cuz I know that I didn't. Like the book I was referencing from was in the source list. No, what lit my fire was the fact that they gave this whole speech that someone copied and pasted from Wikipedia. She just went on and on about how they would notify the exam comittee and this person would get kicked out of school et cetera, et cetera and then they started giving back all the work and I didn't get mine. Then the other teacher came over and told me that they were talkin' about me. I was shocked. Like, she had no right to make those accusations. I am still waiting for them to show me that page from Wikipedia that I allegedly copied from. Anyways, I got my ish back, I rewrote the whole thing, did the source list accordingly and since that day I really stress about sources (hence why I always put the image sources on here).

Image courtesy of Beyoncé

But that is not what I wanted to talk about (that must have been the longest intro eeee-ver). I want to talk about the one and only Beyoncé. It's like there's a team of no-lifes just waiting to break down her videos as soon as they drop, to show how she's always "inspired" and never original. If we're gonna talk about copying, we should mention a couple of other things AND PEOPLE as well. #letskeepitrealnow


HOT NEW JOINT by Bruno Mars

I was just sitting here, minding my own bizz, tryna come up with some creative introductions for this book that we're making with a group of people at school (After the hand-in I'll post some ish I did for it here for you to see. I can't do it now, cuz I might "inspire" the competition hahaha), when all of sudden a new song by my man Bruno comes on. I didn't even know we were already in the next chapter of his career. I feel like I'm totally behind with errthing. I can't wait for this book to be done so I can finally relax a little. Just a little. Anyways, keep on reading to get my 2 cents on it. You know that's the reason why you came here in the first place ;)


Fall Fashion Lyrical: FASHION WEEK WORLD

Image courtesy of Luxuryopus

So for the past couple of weeks fashion junkies all around the world have been enjoying the overdose of all things fashion coming from the different Fashion Weeks. Due to all the schoolwork I've been drowning in lately, I missed out on a lot. But of course, some things still caught my eye and as I you know I love to share. As my friends always say "sharing is caring Ryfa" (Holla @thenewandsexiernanda). So here it goes..


ME 'n M.E.: ya boy is back :D

What's up y'all! To my loyal readers I'd like to apologise for not having posted anything lately. These past two weeks have been like hell with a pressing deadline for school and stuff. I took this weekend to blow off some steam (which I did), but now I'm back, and starting tomorrow I'll be back again. I'm dying to post some ish, cuz lord knows I have a lot on my mind. I haven't been watching any of my shows ANS I haven't even seen the Emmy's yet, like WTF?! #suckedtobemelastweek

But I'm back now, so I'll holla!

Love, R.


GaGa for MAGAZINES: step 1 - admitting that I have a problem..

Now, I usually don't like to share to much about myself, but you deserve it for having waited so long (I'm so sorry, but school got me all tied up and ish, like, it's not even funny anymore).. That ain't the only reason though. I've come to realise that I have a serious problem...... with magazines. I'm addicted to them. No, 4 real. like I bought 16 magazines in the last 2 days. Do you know how much do that is? I gotta say that I get a discount, so basically it's as if I got two or three for free, but still. THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND.


WORD?!: Is It Me?

Not a week goes by without crazy/funny/weird ish happening. Usually it's on the celebrity end, but sometimes even companies and institutes go mad. I don't understand, but maybe you can explain it to me..

  1. Seriously? Why would you give your wife not just one, but two Lotus Evoras for YOUR OWN Bday Swizz Beats? Alicia can't even put a baby seat in that.. Since you're the companies vice-president/creative consultant you probably didn't even pay for them, but still... DAMN son!
  2. Don't you miss New York Fashion Week @Bryant Park? Lincoln Center just doesn't sound that.. idk.. catchy, I guess..
  3. Am I the only one who wonders if Serena ran into that umpire down the hall, after that match?
  4. Is baby Jayonce gonna get more attention than Suri and Shiloh? You best not hold your breath, cuz it might take ages before we ever see him/her. All I'm sayin' is that I'm still waitin' for those wedding pics
  5. Isn't Cheers like the first Rihanna-single in ages that hasn't been shoved down our throats? Did it even make the charts?
  6. Are you still shocked by all these "leaked" nude pics? (Scarlett darling, just snatch a new part if you want to be in the lime light again)
  7. How is it that Lil' Wayne can still sell over a million copies in his first week of sales, when your Hot 100 favourites have trouble hitting that mark not just in their release week, but even in their first month? (Lady GaGa does not count here, cuz she sold her album for 99 cents for a day or sum')
  8. I briefly saw Kim K's wedding shots in some magazine in the newsstand. Don't you think her custom made dresses were a little.. not THAT special (dare I say cliche)? Maybe it's a guy-thing, but I wasn't impressed by Kate Middleton either, when every girl I know most certainly was.. Brands don't impress me, not even Alexander McQueen or Vera Wang. I will say that the setting, that long ass aisle and alter (or watchumacallit) were incredible. I'd like to perform there someday hahaha
  9. Most Number 1 Singles From One (Debut) Album, Most Hot 100 Singles (Simultaneously) Within One Year (By A Male/Female singer/Rapper/Band), Highest Debut On Itunes, Youngest Transatlantic Top 20 artist (Willow Smith); ENOUGH ALREADY! Are you surprised that every week some artist breaks a new record, when The Guinness Book of World Records keeps adding all these random categories? #SMH

    (And since it is this time of the year, I have to ask this last question..)


HOT NEW JOINT by Cee Lo Green

Just because every now and then a song comes along that will make you relive all those feelings and emotions you've tricked yourself into believing you didn't have.. #SMH @ these artists.


M.O.S.: Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday!

Even though by now it may seem like I'm obsessed with these famous (for-this-moment-out-of-reach-but-potential-future-baby-momma) girls, I have to admit that I am a very lucky guy. I'm surrounded by beautiful girls already. Singers, dancers, brainiacs, actresses, bloggers (:p) and yes, models too. These are not community models like myself (hey, I can't help it that Sean John has not come knockin' at my door yet. Maybe you can holla @Diddy 4 me), no ma'am. Last year I had this beautiful South-African redhead in my class, who had to leave us to conquer the fashion world (I'm talkin' shoots on exotic islands and shows during London Fashion Week.. HELLO). But the one I'm going to tell you about is Kim. Why? Cuz it's her birthday!


Fall Fashion Lyrical: BAD (and perfectly good at it)

Image courtesy of Armani

I bet it took you a minute to recognize her, huh? Yeah I know, they could've just hired a regular model for this, cuz this good girl gone bad looks nothin' like herself. Especially since this is not the look she's currently rockin'. For some reason I feel like this picture is dated. It would have been a better fit for her Rated R-era. But the picture is hot, I won't lie. Armani Jeans is known for putting out questionable ads though... (or in the case of Solange Knowles, not putting out the ads at all. Remember when they first launched their Beyoncé assisted perfume Diamonds? Well, they made Sol-angel the face of Armani Jeans, but I never saw those ads or anything. hmm...)


COVER WARS: Illuminati Takes Ova

They Call me King Ryf, copy? Big ballin' is my hobby. So much so they think I'm down with the Illuminati... Okay, okay, so maybe they don't actually think that about me, but rumor has it that Cassie is. Homegirl certainly ain't tryin' to kill those rumor by being on the cover of Idoll magazine's Illuminati issue. I for one really couldn't care less. The girl looks HOT!!


TRUTH-B-TOLD: The Oscars are not objective!

For Coloured girls… The title of this movie would suggest that it’s going to be an empowering story to inspire the black girl. In a way it does, but don’t expect this movie to be all Cinderella-story-happy-ending. No. Maybe if you hear the entire title you get a better feel; For Coloured Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf. That was the original name, used for the play this movies was based on. But you know how those Americans do. Hell breaks loose when they see a nipple on TV or, god forbid, someone saying fuck #SMH. They need to get over themselves. There are worse things in the world.


ME 'n M.E.: I just did it

This right here is a ME AND My Ego-moment.. Yes I said it, I've got an ego. Boo-hoo; get over it! At least I can admit it. I'm sure you do to. In fact everyone I know, which if you're reading this includes you, does. Anyways, I'm not gonna talk about myself the whole time... I just wanted to share with you that I got them..


and the winners are... #VMA2011

I am tired as hell. 12 hours ago I was still up, watching the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. As a true VMA-fan I can say that performance wise, this was the best VMAs ever. There was not one performer that I didn't like, which is rare. Even that rock band killed it. I enjoyed their show and song and I really have no clue who they are. But you know, I gotta break it down for you DIVO-style. So I'm throwing in all the posts I do on my blog for a very special report on last nights award show.

Images courtesy of MTV


Fall Fashion Lyrical: Just Do It!

It's not everyday, that Nike impresses me. That's a lie! There was a time when Nike sneakers were all I could think about. 10 years ago that is. Then came Puma, followed by FUBU (hahhaha I'm laughing right now, cuz I realize that most people reading this have no clue what I just said. For those of you who don't, it's this urban streetwear brand. You know, like what Prada is to the average fashionista, FUBU was to the average urban kid at one point) and then I decided that I'm a superstar. When your swagg changes, your style changes too. So then I started rockin' All Stars, Adidas, Creative Recreation, Gucci, D&G's and to the big disapproval of many UGGS. I make UGGS look fresh though, #ubetterasksomebody! And I discovered ZARA too, somewhere along the way. They shoes is hot! But I never though I'd come across a pair of Nikes that would literally stop my heartbeat. Until now!


WORD?!: The Kardashians edition

So I'm just chilling on the couch at my parents place (no matter how amazin' it is to have your own place, nothing tops being back @home with your parents, siblings and home cooked meals) and everytime I'm here, I always like to watch E!, since I obviously don't have that channel at my own place. And It just happens to be so that Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on, and it's the episode of Khloe and Lamar's wedding. I know, some of my friends have already pointed out how behind I am hahahaha, but honestly I don't really follow it. I don't know.. It could be me, but I just think that without following their every move, I still get an over-kill dose of Kardashian-info. And since we're just 2 days away from Kim K's wedding, I thought it's the perfect time to do a little WORD?!-session about the Kardashains.


I Love My B... abe: A-list candy girls

Some dudes try so hard and they just can't succeed with the ladies. Others don't try at all and they get p*ssy for days (#Swagg). And a few are famous and surrounded by the most beautiful (black) women in the world... At least in their videos anyways. Case in study:
Jason Derulo

Image courtesy of NYTimes

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TRUTH-B-TOLD: I am what you made me!

I'm a happy person. Ask anyone. And I'm all about positivity (even though it might not seem like it. But think about it, when I criticize these celebs and stuff, I have good reason to do so. It ain't like I'm hatin' for no reason. Cuz let's be honest, I'm here at home bloggin' about them, so they must be doing something right and I ... just haven't started workin' my looks and talent yet hhahahahah) BUT I have to take this opportunity to complain. I feel betrayed by society and it's time that society takes responsibility for it.

Image courtesy of IBtimes


ME& M.E.: word?!

Sometimes you hear news that just makes you go "SERIOUSLY?". It happens to me all the time, and, well, since this is my blog, I figured why not share my sentiments with the world?

  1. How in the world is Kelly Rowland, who just happens to be in the biggest selling female group of all time, the opening act to Chris Brown?? I know she doesn't sell on her own, but DAMN!
  2. Aren't you ready for twitter to be over, just so all these celebrities can stop making a damn fool of themselves? (y'all know who you are)
  3. Do you still think the Biebs is innocent? That's all! (I wanna say sum', but you know his fans are CRA-ZY with a capitol Z)
  4. And speaking of the teen heart robs, are Chris and Bieber the next duo to make a 'best of both worlds'-album? (Face Off part 2)
  5. First all female singers started falling on stage. Then they started flashing everything from nipples (quite the motivation) to they ... vajeje's (u r such a rudeGIRL). So now that Kanye fell on stage, is this a sign that all male singers are gonna start flashing their private parts too? (Please, let me be wrong lord)
Image courtesy of IBtimes      

You don't have to awnser (obviously these are all rhetorical), but if you feel like you can enlighten me, please do!

Love, R.


TRUTH BE TOLD: I haven't seen your latest music video breezy

So, my boy Chris dropped his mixtape Boy In Detention last week, and as usual it's good. If I'm totally honest though, I have to say that I don't think it's as good as In My Zone or Fan Of A Fan. There's nothing wrong with the quality of the songs, it's just that this go 'round I'm not as surprised as I was before. Yes, they're all originals (*acts like Marvin's Room and Last aren't on there*), but upon reading the titles, it feels like he's rippin' his own work off between First 48 and Ladies Love Me. And how many volumes of Real Hip Hop is he going to make? But you know what they say; don't judge a book by its cover, so I gave it a shot anyways (as if I wouldn't)...



Fall Fashion Lyrical: all you need is... FURRR (and a belt)

With summer weather so horrendous, you're starting to doubt all those "the world is getting warmer-green house effect"-ish, it's the perfect time to start looking at the fashion for this fall. Of course I ain't no ALT (please know who I'm talking about), but still I'm going to tell you about the trends for this season. Whatchusay? "Who am I to talk about trends?" HELLO, this is MY blog, if you don't like it, LEAVEEEE. Ain't nobody forcing you to be here! Damn, stop with all the hating you guys, it's not fly and it's killin' y'all cool!

Images courtesy of beyonceonline, Vanity Fair & Flaunt

I don't know where PETA is hangin' out these days, but it seems like it's safe to deck yourself out in chinchillas and minx again, cuz all the diva's are doing it. From Zoe in Flaunt and J.Lo (who bares more than just her skin) in Vanity Fair, to my girl B. on the cover of her latest effort '4', rockin' an Alexandre Vauthier fox-fur stole which is embellished by the Lesage embroidery house with Swarovski crystals, it's a fact; FUR IS HOT AGAIN! It seems like the designers all agree...


M.O.S.: Serena vanderLEEEEGS

In my previous post I wrote about the sensational Blake Lively @the Met Gala 2010 a.k.a. a sight that still makes my blood pump faster.. I said BLOOD you perv!!! Anyways here's the picture in question.



It's about that time y'all; September a.k.a. the most important month in the amazingly (expensive might I add, my wallet should know) world of MAGAZINESSSSSS! Now of course the title of this item suggest that it is about my favourite dreamgirl AGAIN, but it isn't ( although she graces 2 covers of the month in which "our year officially starts"). No! It's about, IMO, the brand which is actually runs this town. I remember buying the March issue of ELLE, just because their clothes made such an impact. The colour blocking, the boldness, the vibrant-ness of the colours - I LOVED IT! And they were everywhere, from the covers, to the red carpet, to the cheaper knock-off versions @ZARA.

This is the cover of Chinese VOGUE, but it perfectly reflects the fashion that graces the covers which are currently on or about to hit the newsstands. You better be able to recognize these dresses though.. If you don't know which fashion house they belong to shoot yo'self. Then continue reading to find out the awnser, and also which recently divorcee spotted this trend back in May.



This dude right here (MATEO), I am telling you, hands down, he is the BEST MALE VOCALIST around. He's still flying under the radar, but I can not wait for him to step into the limelight. Basically I love everything he does. 'Get To Know Me' was the first song I heard from him on, when I first got introduced to him on CL, but I think 'Doubt' is one of the BEST SONGS EVER!!

Beyonce ft. The Roots @JimmyFallon

So, anyone who knows me, knows that I think very highly of the one and only Beyoncé (to say the least). And in contrary to common belief, it's not because she's so freaking hot. I love this woman because of her talent. Her ability to perform. I dare say that she is the best entertainer/performer of this generation. I'm talking about someone who dances her behind off all night long, while still giving me live, on-point intricate vocals..

Now, this next video doesn't even make the top 50 of her best performances ever, but it's the fact that just 2 weeks ago this chick had to stop the taping of a TV special, after losing her voice over lack of rest. And hours before this performance was taped, she did 2 songs on The View and an interview. And still she's giving you this. True fans (one might say the STANS) will notice 2 point that indicate her voice not being 100% and others that pay attention might hear that she's still soar. But STILL!!!!

Check it out for yourself after the jump ( and yes the musical arrangement sometimes sucks, but that's The Roots. They played with her instead of her own all-female band)


Cover Wars: the JUICY edition

So I've been waiting forever for this months issue of W magazine, which was reported to have 3 different covers with my girl B. I was going back n forth, trying to decide which cover I would buy (aka convincing myself that it would be absolutely insane to by all 3), only to get to the store and find a naked Christina Aguilera gracing the cover. She is naked and it wasn't even HOT!! Like, what's the point. It was not that artsy, get over it!. So I open it, to see if it really was the issue I was looking for, and as it turns out they now only had 2 covers, one with B, which of course they don't seem to have anywhere in Amsterdam or Rotterdam (#lovelivin'inHolland #NOT), and one with a very pale looking X-tina (what has she been up to lately anyways, except for that amazing track with Maroon 5). So I'm like, aaight, do y'all thing!

But then I turn around and find out that another one of my imaginary girlfriends is being played. You can come out now Ashton, it's not funny anymore. First of all I am AGAINST this August/September cover of VIBE's Juice issue, because I think Kelly is better than that. Sex doesn't sell anymore (we have youporn, hello??), the idea of sex does the trick. And Kelly being naked just motivates me to move #ontothenext (and baby that wig is not cute yo. Just rock your short hair or get some new human hair Brazilian lace front or sum'.. Holla@B). But then they turned around and made it a double cover too. Guess who bumped Kelly like this....


HOT NEW JOINT by Breezy!

There was a time when I was in love with Ne-Yo... Wait, that sounded wrong.. I mean, I was in love with his work.. No, I mean.. aah fck it! What I'm trying to say is that I was his biggest fan. Like, everything that dude penned down was just raw emotion. The things you felt, but couldn't put into words yourself, let alone face or deal with. So Sick, Let Me Love You, Do You, Go On Girl and even Unfaithful (for reasons I shall not get into). But he just lost me from the first time I heard Beautiful Monster. Like, what happened Ne-Yo? What were you thinking? Not to mention the (imo) dreadful video that came with it. I need Ne-Yo to jump off this euro-dance-pop-sound everyone from GaGa tot Breezy is on, cuz it's not working for him.

Breezy, however has still managed to give me some R&B. I mean, this boy don't play around. Right now Chris is my favourite songwriter most def. Listen to this next song and you'll know why.. I mean, it's no Grammy winning song or anything, but still, it makes you think.


Caution: SERIOUS CURVES ahead


And the nominees are... #vma2011

YEEEESSSS! It's about that time, #awardshowseason is starting again.. Well it's up for discussion when it starts, but I consider the VMA's (my personal favourite, even though lately they have been disappointing me more and more) to be the start. Last week they announced the nominees and to my surprise GaGa is not leading the nominees like she has for the past 2 years. Does this mean that we have reached the edge of GaGa's glory??


M.O.S.: CASSIE Ventura

My moment of silence for this week goes to Cassie who redefines CALIENTE in a shoot by Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold for BLANK magazine.

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This right here is why I love fashion, because fashion allows you to be your crazy, eccentric, extravagant self; no questions asked.
IT'S TRUE!! I mean, do you think you could pull this look off in a we-so-gangsta-in-our-Nickelson-coats-and-Jordan's-and-u-so-gay-in-your-slim-fit-red-jeans-minded city like Rotterdam? Not in a million years. But in fashion people die for this ish.. Or they would anyways. Now, I've always been known to stand out fashion wise, cuz I simply don't give a d*** about it.. Seriously, I'm a Superstar, I'm supposed to look different, DUHH! And this look right here... Aaah man, let's just say that I MYSELF, would die for this one. Just one oppertunity to swagg this one out to the VMA's.

*moment of silence*

Amen! I know you're wondering if this is my VMA-outfit, what I'd rock to the Grammy's.. Check it out after the jump

VERSACE for H&M = Fingerlicking good!

I know some of you can not wait for November 17th, but I've got something that might make the waiting worse.. If not for the girls, most def for the guys!



I love Amber! Why? Because Amber loves me : D. Now before, you start stalking me on FB, trying to put a face to this 'Amber', you should know that she is not an actual person. Amber is just the name for the biannual Arnhem Mode Biennale, which just took place in Arnhem, Holland, last month. I was chosen out of hundreds to be one of their online editors. The pleasure was all mine to write pieces about the incredible Juun.J. Due to their web design they couldn't post my pieces the way I created them, but I still wanted to share what I did with you..


Please Hold

So, I created this blog, like a  year ago, but due to a lot of reasons I didn't get the chance to really start blogging. Until now : D. It's just gonna be like my own personal online scrapbook of things that I like and more importantly, things that are on my mind. I'm sure you'll be amused by it. Trust me, my friends are too. Well, follow me, holla@me and enjoy!!

Love, R.